Luke 4:14-30

Main Idea
Jesus wants to be our Savior, but refuses to be our idol.
Luke 4:16-21
Jesus’s ministry offers grace, not guilt, as he ushers in the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end.
4:16 // Jesus goes home and teaches.
4:17-19 // Jesus reads a well known passage from Isaiah.
    4:18a // Jesus is Anointed by the Spirit to preach the gospel.
    4:18b // Jesus proclaims freedom to prisoners.
    4:18c // Jesus gives sight to the blind.
    4:18d // Jesus releases the oppressed.
    4:19 // Jesus proclaims the reality of God’s favor.
4:20-21 // Jesus claims to be the fulfillment of this prophecy.
Luke 4:22
People are intellectually impressed, but spiritually unmoved.
4:22a // The people were amazed by Jesus’s gracious words.
4:22b // The people were unaware of Jesus’s true identity.
Luke 4:23-27
Jesus teaches that there is no “hometown advantage.” In fact, there seems to be an advantage for the outsiders.
4:23 // Jesus’s words expose the crowd’s secret demands.
4:24-27 // Elijah did miracles for outsiders, not insiders.
    4:24-26 // The Widow of Zarapeth
    4:27 // Naaman the Syrian
Luke 4:28-30
The people choose to murder Jesus instead of worship him. Jesus will die for the people, but he’ll do it in God’s time.
4:28 // Their fury is evidence of a deep-seated hatred.
4:29 // Hatred leads to murder in our hearts, if not our hands.
4:30 // Jesus escapes; He lives to die another day.

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