Genesis 10-11

Main Idea:

There is no escaping the plan of God.


God creates in Genesis 1 and 2. In Genesis 3 Satan deceives Eve, Adam betrays God, and God punishes his creation, but God also promises that the seed of the woman will eventually crush the serpent and his offspring. In Genesis 4 Cain murders Abel and the serpent’s offspring multiplies. In Genesis 5 the seed of the woman is traced from Seth to Noah. In Genesis 6, satanic powers try to disrupt God’s plan by destroying the seed of the woman. God responds by saving Noah and flooding the world in Genesis 7-9. In Genesis 10-11 God reveals how the nations came into being, and how he plans to save them from themselves.

Gen 10:1-31

The genealogy of Noah’s sons

Gen 10:2-5

The sons (and grandsons) of Japheth

Gen 10:6-20

The sons of Ham

Gen 10:21-31

The sons of Shem – Joktan

Gen 11:1-9 The Tower of Babel

  • One people and one language (v1)
  • People move east away from God (v2a)
  • Instead of filling the earth, humanity settles (v2b)
  • Technology is used to advance humanity’s goals (v3)
  • Our goals are evil (v4)
  • Assault the gates of Heaven (v4a)
  • Make a name for ourselves (v4b)

    Escape the Plan of God (v4c)

    • God comes DOWN to see the HIGH tower (v5)
    • God acknowledges humanity’s promise and peril (v6)
    • God punishes humanity’s hubris (v7)
    • The people fulfill God’s command to fill the earth (v8)
    • Babylon’s origin story is revealed (v9)

    Gen 11:10-26

    The sons of Shem – Peleg

    Gen 11:27-32

    The genealogy of Abra(ha)m.


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