The Story of Redemption Bible: A Review

I am not going to bury the lead on this one: I loved this Bible. I have already commended it to my church in my public preaching and in my private conversations. I believe this is a resource that will truly benefit everyone who reads it. Here are the top three reasons that I love this Bible and recommend it to you without reservation.

1. Design. From first to last, this is a beautiful book. The book introductions and illustrations are excellent. The font and formatting are easy to read. The charts, infographics, and timelines are amazingly helpful.

2. Notes. The notes in this Bible focus on revealing the biblical-theological story of redemption. They avoid jargon and theological minutia. Plus, they are winsome and fun to read. It also helps that one man (Greg Gilbert) wrote all the notes, so there is a unified voice throughout the text.

3. Reading Plan. This Bible has two reading plans in the back. There is a typical read-the-book-in-a-year plan, which is good, but there is also a chronological/thematic reading plan—which is great. This second option is presented in the notes throughout the text and makes reading the entire Bible a much more adventurous and accessible experience.

Thank you Crossway and Greg Gilbert for this excellent resource.


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