Luke 2:21-38

Main Idea
We all have our part to play in God’s story.


Luke 2:22-24
Mary and Joseph’s Part – Devotion
Mary and Joseph tool Jesus to Jerusalem “according to” the law of Moses. They were aware of, and obedient to, the Word(s) if God. They were also poor; this is revealed by their offering of two turtle doves instead of a lamb. Mary and Joseph were devoted to God and this is shown by their obedience to his word.
Luke 2:25-35
Simeon’s Part – Expectation
Simeon was a man who lived in Jerusalem. We don’t know anything about his family or his work. We do know that he was a righteous and devout man. Simeon had a vibrant relationship with the Holy Spirit—who revealed that he would live to see the Savior’s arrival. Simeon believed God’s word and expected it to come true. His life is marked by the his expectation that he would get to see the Savior.
Luke 2:36-38
Anna’s Part – Exaltation
Anna was a widow who devoted herself to mikistry within the temple. The vast majority of her life was spent worshipping, praying, and fasting. Anna arrived at the temple just in time to see the fulfillment of Simeon’s expectation and to hear his prophetic word proclaimed. She is so moved by what has happened that she begins to thank God i prayer and proclaim the gospel to everyone. Anna’s part in the story is to exalt God for the work he is doing.

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