Luke 1:26-56

Main Idea

Advent reminds us to obey.

Luke 1:26

Gabriel approaches Mary during the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy.

Luke 1:27

Mary is a virgin engaged to a descendant of David.

Luke 1:28-30

Mary is “favored” by God BEFORE she the immaculate conception.

Luke 1:31-33

The promise of Christ’s divine and Davidic kingdom.

Luke 1:34

Mary’s question (“How?”) arises from a place of curious submission – not skeptical doubt.

Luke 1:35-37

Gabriel answers Mary with references to God’s power.

Luke 1:38

Mary obediently accepts this heavy honor with a graceful dignity.

Luke 1:39-40

Mary needs community, so she goes to see Elizabeth.

Luke 1:41-45

Elizabeth and John worship God.

Luke 1:46-56

Mary worships God.

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