Luke 1:5-25

Main Idea

Advent reminds us to believe.

Luke 1:5

Names, Dates, and Places – Luke’s story is history!

Luke 1:6

Righteous believers are not sinless, but they can be blameless.

Luke 1:7

Even believers suffer and struggle; the gospel does not guarantee prosperity.

Luke 1:8-9

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that God orchestrates.

The lot is cast into the lap,

but it’s every decision is from the LORD.

Proverbs 16:33

Luke 1:10

The people are praying, Zechariah was praying (cf 1:13).

Luke 1:11

The offering of incense is symbolic of prayer (Ps 141, Rev 5, 8).

Luke 1:12

Fear is the natural response to God’s message/messenger.

Luke 1:13

God listens to (and answers) the prayers of his people.

Luke 1:14-17

John’s Ministry will be marked by God’s power and presence.

Luke 1:18

Even believers can be guilty of unbelief.

Luke 1:19-20

Zechariah’s belief is rewarded, while his unbelief is punished.

Luke 1:21-23

Zechariah tries to communicate what happened in the temple.

Luke 1:24-25

Elizabeth’s reproach is removed; her hope is restored.

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