Luke 1:1-4

Main Idea
Christmas is more than a story; it’s a certainty.
Who is Luke?
He is a gentile physician who worked and traveled with the Apostle Paul (Col 4).
What is a gospel?
A Gospel literally means good news. It is basically an announcement; before the word was co-opted by the early church it was primarily used for imperial announcements, e.g. “good news Caesar is your new King.
Luke 1:1
There are many stories of Jesus.
Luke’s gospel is about “fulfillment” (cf Luke 24:44-48).
Luke 1:2
Luke’s gospel is based on eyewitness testimony.
Luke 1:3
Luke’s gospel is the fruit of serious and sustained study.
Luke’s gospel is presented in an orderly fashion.
Luke’s gospel is written for Theophius (a friend of God).
Luke 1:4
Luke offers us certainty about what we’ve been taught.

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