Genesis 3:1-24

Main Idea
Humanity sins and falls short of God’s glory.
Sin (3:1-6)
Eve is deceived; Adam disobeys.
  • The serpent is crafty (deceitful) and created (1a).
  • He disparages God’s Word from the beginning (1b).
  • Eve adds to God’s Word (3b).
  • The serpent dismisses God’s judgment (4).
  • The serpent shows Eve a “better way” to be like God (5).
  • Eve allows the serpent to shape her desires (6a).
  • Eve follows her feelings and eats the fruit (6b).
  • Adam disobediently joins her in this sin (6c).
Separation (3:7-12)
Sin separates men from God—and each other.
  • Adam and Eve hide their bodies from each other (7).
  • Adam and Eve hide themselves from God (8).
  • God pursues Adam gently and patiently (9).
  • Adam confesses his nakedness, but not his sin (10).
  • God draws Adam’s confession out with questions (11).
  • Adam blames Eve and God for his disobedience (12).
  • Eve blames the serpent for her deception (13).
Judgment (14-20)
God’s judgment punishes and protects.
  • God curses the serpent (14).
  • God prophesies the serpent’s destruction (15).
  • God punishes Eve – motherhood is painful (16a).
  • God punishes Eve – marriage will be difficult (16).
  • God curses the ground because of Adam’s sins (17-18).
  • God punishes Adam – his work becomes toil (19).
  • Adam names his wife Eve (20).
Exile (21-24)
God exiles his people from his presence.
  • God clothes Adam and Eve with animal skins (21).
  • God exiles Adam and Eve for their own protection (22-23).
  • God guards the garden of his presence from improper entry (24).



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