Genesis 2:4-2:25

Main Idea
God makes a place to be with his people.

Gen 2:4
The Summary of God’s work as recorded in chapter 1.

    2:4a reveals the creation of the cosmos (cf. 1:1)
    2:4b reveals the formation of the land (cf. 1:2-2:3).

Gen 2:5-6
The Setting of God’s work in chapter 2.

    In 2:5a “no bush of the field” refers to the absence of cultivated plants (i.e. the absence of a garden), and “no small plants of the field” refers to the absence of the weedlike plants that are a result of the fall.
    In 2:5b-6 the explanatory clause offset by em dashes foreshadows the garden and the fall as well: rain is God’s provision in the garden and his means of judgment in the flood; the work of man is a blessing of God in the Garden, but it becomes a curse after the fall; the waters, which bring life in the garden, bring death in the flood.

Gen 2:7-14
God makes a man and plants a garden.

    The “formation” hints at artistic care.
    The “dust” reveals the earthiness of humanity.
    The “breath” shows that we are more than bodies.
    God gives us the gift of life; we are “living creatures.”
    God places Adam in the garden.
    “Every tree” reveals the abundance of the garden.
    “Pleasant … good” reveal the graciousness of God.
    The two trees show us the necessity of obedience.
    The rivers reveal the provision & location of the garden.

Gen 2:15
God gives the man a job.

    “Put” indicates rest; Adam is at home in the garden.
    “Work … keep” reveal the priestly nature of Adam’s work.

Gen 2:16-17
God gives the man rules to live (or die) by.

    Adam is told to feast on every tree, but one.
    Adam is told to fast from only one tree in the garden.
    The tree’s knowledge differentiates the intellectual awareness of evil and the actual experience of evil.
    The result of obedience is life.
    The cost of disobedience is death.

Gen 2:18-24
God gives the man a wife.

    • It is “not good” that Adam is alone, i.e. without a helper.
    • Adam needs a “helper” if he is going to fulfill his call.
    • Adam’s helper should be a good “fit” for him.
    • Adam can find no such helper in all of creation.
    • God makes Adam sleep and he makes Adam a helper.
    • God presents Eve to Adam.
    • Adam EXCLAIMS joyfully and poetically about his helper.
    • God ordains marriage: man and wife publicly form a new family and privately become one flesh.

    Gen 2:25
    God’s work concludes with shalom, not shame.


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