Reviewed: Expository Exaltation

It was almost twenty years ago that a young doctoral candidate named Bruce Ashford introduced me (an even younger graduate students) to the work of John Piper. I devoured Desiring God, and I fell in love with Piper’s work and his worldview.

A few years later, I read Let the Nations Be Glad. I can vividly remember finishing that book and being blown away by the fact that Piper wrote a book about missions that was actually a book about worship. I felt the same way when I finished Expository Exaltation just the other day.

Clearly, Expository Exaltation is a book about preaching; frankly, it is a great book about preaching. At the same time, it is also a book about worship. In fact, one of the main emphases of Expository Exaltation is that these two things—preaching and worship—should not be separate.

According to Piper, Expository Exaltation is the third book in a trilogy that includes A Peculiar Glory and Reading the Bible Supernaturally. This book is divided into six parts. Part 1 is about the rightness of corporate worship. Part 2 is about the fitness of preaching as part of corporate worship. Parts 3 and 4 address the supernatural and the natural work of preaching; these sections move from theory to practice and are beautifully beneficial. The next two sections wed homiletics to hermeneutics as they discuss the topics of text and reality. Finally, Piper concludes with a timely exhortation to practice expository exaltation by faithfully preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ from the Old Testament.

I really liked this book. It may not be Piper’s best, but it is close. I wholeheartedly commend this work to you. You should read this book, especially if you’ve been called to preach God’s words to God’s people.

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