Romans 5:14-16:27

Main Idea

The work is important, but the worship is primary.

Rom 15:14-33

The Work – Paul is satisfied with his work, but wants to do more.

  • Paul is satisfied with the faith of the Roman church (15:14)
  • Paul is bold because he is an apostle to the Gentiles (15:15-16)
  • Paul is proud of the work that he has accomplished (15:17)
  • Paul’s accomplishments are actually the work of Christ (15:18-19)
  • Paul’s ambition is to preach the gospel in new places (15:20-21)
  • Paul wants to visit Rome and find support for his mission (15:22-24)
  • Paul is completing his work with the Jerusalem offering (15:29)
  • Paul asks the church to pray for him and his mission (15:30-33)

Rom 16:1-16, 21-23

The Workers – Paul is surrounded by faithful men and women.

Rom 16:17-20

The Warning – Not everyone wants the work to succeed.

  • Avoid those who cause division and create obstacles (16:17)
  • These self-centered enemies are not servants of Christ (16:18)
  • Paul rejoices for the church and reminds them to be wise (16:19)
  • God will crush his enemy and give victory to his people (16:20)

Rom 16:25-27

The Worship – Worship motivates the work.

  • God equips his workers with his words to strengthen his people (16:26)
  • The glorification of God is the ground and the goal for this work (16:27)

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