Resources for Discipleship

Last Sunday, I promised my church that I would post a small list of trustworthy resources that would help them study their Bibles more effectively. I did not know then, how daunting that task would be. There are just too many good resources to share, but none is perfect. So, please recognize that this list is not exhaustive and not perfect. In other words, take these suggested resources and use them wisely.

Free Online Resources that will help answer questions about the Bible and the church:

Current Preachers and Teachers that will help you understand and apply the Bible:

  • Matt Chandler, Author, Pastor – Village Church
  • John Piper, Author, Founder – Desiring God, Former Pastor – Bethlehem Baptist
  • J.D. Greear, Author, Pastor – Summit Church, Current President – SBC
  • David Platt, Author, Pastor – McClean Bible Church
  • Jen Wilkin, Author, Staff Member – Village Church
  • Beth Moore, Author, Founder – Living Proof

Contemporary Books and Authors that will help you read the Bible better:

  • What is Biblical Theology? by James Hamilton
  • The King in His Beauty by Thomas Schreiner
  • The ESV Study Bible published by Crossway Books

Miscellaneous Resources:

  • The Briefing – Podcast, Al Mohler – daily analysis of news from a Christian worldview
  • Building Healthy Churches – Book Series, 9Marks – theology for healthy churches
  • Short Studies in Biblical Theology – Book Series, Crossway – various theological topics
  • Every Moment Holy – Douglas McKelvey – a liturgical prayer book for normal life

If you have other resources that you think should be on the list, feel free to leave a comment.


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