Last but Not Least: Bradford Clark

[Over the past several weeks, I have been sharing posts that introduce you to the prospective elders of Redemption Church. This is the last of those posts. Enjoy.]

Hello, my name is Bradford Clark. I have been married to Hannah, my gorgeous wife, for eight years, and am the father to two beautiful girls: Lydia and Charlotte. We currently love living in Severna Park, MD, but I was reared in God’s Country in the beautiful state of West Virginia—Montani Semper Liberi!

Currently, I serve in the United States Coast Guard, and so, our membership at Redemption came in 2016, after beginning our attendance in 2015.

My childhood was saturated in service: as both of my parents served in the US Army, both grandfathers served in the US Navy, and so forth. My parents were faithful to teach us about the importance of placing value in serving others the way Jesus demonstrated for us, and putting that service into action—probably the cornerstone of my decision to join the service, and most importantly, one of the major contributions toward my acceptance of Christ as my Savior.

While being active duty is a call I know Jesus placed in my life, I also realize that His call to be a servant in His House is vital to my relationship with Him, my family, my work, my community, and every other relationship I have.

I am honored to be approached as a prospective elder and will strive to continue to honor the mission of Redemption: To Make Disciples, Who Make Disciples.


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